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Holi the festival of colors



Get your Pichkaris and skin-friendly color powders ready! The Holi season is here! Here comes a season when anyone can become a child again and paint their friends (and unsuspecting foes) with vivid colors. What could be more fun? People of all ages mingling and playing with colors and making the day infinitely colorful…ah…so fantastic the Indian festivals are!

Before you get ready to get your hands and face colorful wait just one pichkari moment! Just in case you didn’t know about the origins or the significance of this amazing Indian festival, we’re here to help you connect with the Indian history.

When Prahlad, the son of king Hiranyakashipu, was found to be worshipping Lord Vishnu, his father the king of demons tried to stop him. However when he didn’t oblige, the king made Prahlad sit in the lap of his aunt Holika. Now you need to know something about Holika – Holika was an ogress who is invincible to fire, meaning, she can sit in fire all day and not a burn would be found on her body. Miraculously when Prahlad sat on Holika’s lap in the fire praying to Lord Vishnu to keep him unharmed, it was Holika who burned and Prahlad emerged unharmed! This burning of Holika is one of the reasons why Holi is celebrated. There are other origin stories as well. Now wait a minute, you say? How does the burning of the ogress relate to throwing of colors at each other? Well different places in India celebrate Holi in different ways, many traditions involving bonfires and colors. The modern traditionally recognized image of Holi has its origins in Bengal and has references to attainment of Krishna, the king of desires. While the fascinating tale of Prahlad and Holika are some of the legendary myths that are behind the festival, originally Holi had been a festival that celebrated the coming of spring and marked a farewell to winter. The part about colors has significance in the fact that spring, the immensely welcome season of yield, is abundant in colors. This is the reason why you can find frantic people getting a high off some pichkari fun almost all over India.

Now that you know a little bit about the significance of Holi, you’re officially certified to get your hands dirty. While others are being frantic the traditional way you can be unique and download the latest update in our Heartz 2.0 app which has a Holi themed greeting.

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How are you celebrating this HOLI ? Share your HOLI experience in the comments section.

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