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First Call CRM

First Call CRM is an iOS application (iPad and iPhone) for accessing SAP CRM module through mobile devices. It utilizes a unique architecture, which was developed in house to build server driven UIs on mobile devices with zero-hard-coding. The application is rich with capabilities like internationalization, single sign-on, PDF generation, e-mailing and push notifications.


Important features include

  • Unique architecture used to build UI on mobiles based on meta-data from the server.
  • Creating and Editing of tickets using mobile and syncing the data back to SAP servers.
  • Accessing account and contacts information information from SAP server.
  • PDF Generation and emailing capabilities.
  • Single Sign On – If the user is logged into any enterprise app on the mobile our app will use the 6. existing credentials and vice-versa.
  • Clear Trust Authentication for web services.
  • Ability to be deployed using AFARIA if already used by the enterprise for security.
  •  i18n support.
  • Push notifications.

Download the First Call CRM iPhone App