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ResolutionTweet Mobile App

ResolutionTweet Mobile App for iPhone

ResolutionTweet helps YOU design a lifestyle that is balanced and meaningful.

Set goals for the life area you want to focus on, Share them with friends, family or people with similar interests, take baby steps with your daily habits and track your progress.

Resolutions are made for the year, but Progress is made in week(s) and ACTION is taken in day(s).

It helps you proactively create resolutions in different areas of your LIFE and reminds you to take ACTION.


No more excuses and no more regrets leading a sedentary lifestyle being busy all the time. It is lot different than the typical to do list and productivity apps out there. It will provide the energy and motivation to change that “Wish” list into a “Will” list. Building on the model of collective informed decision, it goes beyond just sending reminders. It encourages you to take action along with others around you. It lets you share your resolutions with friends, family and people with similar interests, motivating you to work for it along with them. It will help you discover new ways of getting things done. It’s fast, easy and you’ll love it. Currently available on iOS


Download the ResolutionTweet iPhone Application